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Moflix Partners with Yallo to launch yallo swype


Yallo (a subisidiary of Sunrise Communications AG) has announced the launch of yallo swype, Switzerland’s first app-based mobile subscription with a 100% digital customer experience. yallo swype is based on Moflix’s white-label platform for digital services and hosted on the Amazon Web Services cloud.

The yallo swype mobile app-based subscription is designed to empower customers to manage the entire onboarding process themselves. Users are able to: order a SIM card (or register an eSIM), confirm their identity, enter their payment details, choose their subscription and activate everything immediately using the yallo swype mobile app. Once active, customers are also empowered to fully manage their own subscriptions through the yallo swype mobile app.

To fully deploy the service platform within 100 days, Moflix relies on the tech venture builder Axelra and leading innovation partners: Webtiser, Digital Innovation Labs and Modum. The delivery partners have been able to strip away the complexities associated with a typical telecommunications digital transformation program and accelerate the time to market. The focus has been on keeping things simple, including service design using best-in-class cloud solutions, fast deployment and Yallo’s digital service offerings.

“We are excited to be part of this historic service launch. Yallo swype represents a concept that every operator claims to target—a service offering geared towards people with a firm presence in the digital world,” says Ryan Gold, Managing Director of Moflix. “Yallo is truly a forward-thinking digital operator that has shown their ability to deliver on their promises. We are proud to be their technology and service partner.”

Read the full press release from Sunrise here:
Swiss premiere: yallo swype – the new app-based mobile subscription with a 100% digital customer experience