Moflix Interaction Platform: All-in-one digital platform for Business Support Systems (BSS)

In recent years, we have witnessed the rise of the digital platform economy, which has changed the way people interact and do business. A combination of social networks, instant messaging, rich media, etc., and authentication services, payments and a broad range of mobile apps have changed the digital experience as well as the expectations about the way people interact via mobile. Nowadays, people expect to have the freedom and convenience of using mobile devices as facilitators of their lifestyles. Digital channel interactions are overtaking voice and SMS interaction, suggesting a shift in customer expectations. 


What Is A Digital Business Platform?

A digital business platform is a combination of different technologies in a single solution that facilitates the creation of new digital business assets. These assets are key capabilities that support the real digital transformation of business models and processes.

The Moflix Interaction Platform is a light-weight, white-label platform built for telco operators (MVNO & MNO) to simplify telecom BSS processes on a carrier-grade platform that meets legal and regulatory requirements while providing positive and mobile-only user experiences. Moflix’s platform is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), enabling the orchestration of further cloud-based services such as customer identification, billing or customer support. All personal data are treated in compliance with data privacy regulations and are processed via secure and ISO-certified (27001) infrastructures.


How Does The Moflix Interaction Platform Work?

The Moflix platform’s core is entirely cloud-based through Amazon Web Services (AWS) and uses Onfido as KYC provider (KYC or ‘know-your-customer’ is the process of verifying the identity of your customers), Zendesk as Customer Management System (to enable chatting via Whatsapp) Killbill as Subscription / Billing Engine and Datatrans as payment provider.



Benefits & Functionalities

The Moflix platform supports the following functionalities and processes:


Moflix supports basic product management via an external product catalog (a function of Subscription Billing):

  • Define Product offering
  • Define pricing plans 
  • Define billing rules

Customer onboarding 

Customer onboarding has never been as easy as with the Moflix Interaction Platform!


This model process supports the following features:

  • Create account/sign in
  • Verify identity (KYC)
  • Payment management  
  • Register SIM
  • Package selection
  • MSISDN selection
  • Service provisioning 

Subscription management 

Following the completion of the onboarding process, the Moflix Interaction Platform gives end-users the ability to manage their subscriptions directly via the mobile app. The Platform currently supports the following Subscription Management functions:

  • Replace SIM 
  • Block SIM 
  • View consumption (requires integration with operator's charging platform)
  • Change subscription 
  • Cancel subscription
  • Add extra SIM cards with their own subscriptions (up to five e.g. for family members) 
  • Add/delete digital services
  • Retrieve PIN/PUK
  • Port-In
  • Port-out

Customer management 

Following the completion of the onboarding process, the Moflix Interaction Platform gives end-users the ability to manage their accounts directly via the mobile app. The Platform currently supports the following Customer Management functions:

  • View personal details (personal details cannot be edited as they are verified as part of KYC process)
  • View/Change postal address 
  • View/change e-mail address 
  • Change payment method
  • View past charges
  • Change app language (only available when multiple languages are enabled)
  • View terms & conditions 
  • Request support (see Customer support below) 

Subscription billing 

Subscription Billing functionality is provided using the Kill Bill open-source Subscription Billing Platform, which runs using AWS cloud services.

  • Catalog
  • Invoicing
  • Payment 

Note: The Moflix Interaction Platform also supports other subscription billing solutions that have clearly defined API

Customer support

The target with the Moflix Interaction Platform is to enable the end-user to set-up and manage their accounts and subscriptions themselves via a mobile app without the need for formal customer support. However, there are cases that require additional support. For this purpose, the Moflix Interaction Platform is pre-integrated with Zendesk to provide the following functionality.

  • FAQ
  • WhatsApp ticketing
  • Transactions & refund 
  • Customer record 
  • Chatbot, etc.
  • Customized Add-ons
  • Forced update  

Note: Moflix can integrate with other Customer Support/CRM service providers that have clearly defined API.