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About Us

Moflix provides next-generation digital solutions to help operators transform how they do business

As the demand for digital services continue to grow and the telco market keeps becoming more competitive, operators need to adapt their strategy and structure to capture opportunities enabled by digital technology.

At Moflix we understand the need for digital services, as well as the implications and risks of a digital transformation. We help operators to transform their operations without the need for a massive transformation project.

About Moflix

Moflix is the brainchild of an international group of telco veterans who wanted to provide game-changing digital solutions that transform how telcos do business.

Our TelcoTech solution combines modern digital telco propositions with disruptive digital tech business capabilities in a single webscale SaaS platform, making it quick and easy for operators to onboard both consumers and businesses through an app, and drive wide-scale adoption of an ecosystem of digital lifestyle offerings.

Moflix is paving the way for telcos to play a leading role in the next generation of digital services with features that include management of Web 3.0 assets through a digital wallet and trusted digital identity credentials. 

Amazing Digital Experience

Our solution is fully automated, easy to use, adapt, and scales to meet the needs of any business working in highly-regulated environments.

100 days to product excellence

An excellent product is the key to success. Moflix will help you to transform your operations with simplified processes, fully digital interfaces and satisfied customers. 

Meet The Moflix Leadership Team

Having a great product requires a great team. Our leadership team consists of forward-thinking experts who combine creativity with extensive Telco market experience. Our mission is to help operators provide mobile services that are simple, transparent, and digital. 

Ryan Gold


Robin Major

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Jani Helin

Technical Director (CTO)

Steven Stewart

Marketing & Comms (CMO)

What Others Say About Us

Yallo Swype

Telecommunications Operator Sunrise launched a 100% app-based mobile subscription in 100 days using Moflix’s white-label platform for digital services to cater to digital natives who prefer to access services digitally via mobile (e.g. Netflix, Uber, Spotify, etc.). The yallo swype mobile app-based subscription is designed to empower customers to manage the entire onboarding and subscription management processes themselves.

Moflix helped Sunrise to accomplish their targets of increasing operational efficiency, lowering business risks and creating a solution that was simple, digital and usable, while providing a basis to grow swype's business through new revenue streams.

The platform provided by Moflix was built on existing cloud services from AWS or integrated with services provided by other external providers. This allows swype to quickly scale and adapt to changing market needs while maintaining compliance with security and privacy regulations.

McKinsey & Company featured yallo swype by Sunrise as a best practice example of a Digital Attacker in their report "A Battle Plan for Telcos' Digital-Attacker Brands"

Read the interview with Mark Klünnen, Senior
Director Strategy & Innovation at Sunrise.


About Yallo

yallo is part of Sunrise Communications AG, one of the leading mobile providers in Switzerland. yallo offers services tailored to the needs of cost-conscious telecommunications users. yallo aims to challenge accustomed practices in the legacy telecommunications market currently characterized by cumbersome customer-facing and back office-handled processes that are not thoroughly digitalized.



"It is great to have a business partner that really understands our needs for digital services. Thanks to Moflix, we have been able to launch a next generation mobile product - yallo swype - on the Swiss market with the true focus on digitalization. Moreover, the close collaboration and continuous support help us to grow the business together."

Mark Klünnen
Director Strategy & Proposition at Sunrise Communications

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