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All-In-One Platform for Digital Services

Operators are still focused on interacting with their customers through brick and mortar stores or via portals designed for desktop use. Digital natives, however, would prefer to interact through their mobile devices.

Digital Customer Onboarding

Moflix offers a fully digital onboarding solution, coupled with a world-class mobile application for customer onboarding, strong identification, and subscription management, together with a support channel based on existing instant messaging platforms.

As a cloud-based solution, it offers a truly paperless, streamlined solution that offers our customers savings in both IT and operational costs.

The entire customer onboarding process is secured with AI-driven identification/background checks and secured payments by digital payment providers. With the Moflix Interaction platform, users can complete self-onboarding and activate a new subscription in just a few minutes. Users simply create an account, choose their subscription and payment plan, and that’s it!

Customer onboarding has never been easier.

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Customer & Subscription Management

With the Moflix Platform users can complete the onboarding process themselves, manage their accounts and subscriptions, and benefit from automated payments. The platform gives end-users the ability to manage their subscriptions directly via the mobile app.

Empower your customers to manage their subscription with Moflix.

Customer Support

One of the keys to customer satisfaction is great customer support. With the Moflix Interaction Platform, users can receive in-app support at any time.

The platform is designed to enable the end-user to set-up and manage their accounts and subscription themselves via platform without the need for formal customer support. However, some cases require additional support. For this purpose, the platform is pre-integrated with Zendesk to provide customer support with functionalities such as FAQ, issue handling via tickets, Customer record, Chatbots, etc. Provide real-time, in-app customer support to your customers without them having to leave the app with Moflix.


Subscription Billing

Mobile billing doesn't need to be complicated. 

Moflix offers a billing solution that combines the simplicity of a mobile platform with subscription invoicing through automated payments secured by trusted digital payment providers and banking grade identification checks. Customers pay 100% of the bills, 100% on time.

Cloud orchestration & Automation

Don't reinvent the wheel. Leverage existing cloud solutions for key functionalities – adapt features to meet your needs, not the other way around.




It is essential to know your customer to prevent fraud and illicit use of your services. Moflix will integrate with the standard eID standard in your service area. No standard? No problem! Moflix is pre-integrated with a banking grade, AI-driven, facial recognition-based KYC platform.


Mobile-only design

Processes are fully automated and 100% digital. Our powerful platform is designed to ensure that everything can be done via the app.




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