How technology is changing the customer experience

The digital transformation is a profound process, which is being adopted by companies of all sizes to potentiate the opportunities brought by new technologies such as cloud computing, mobility, artificial intelligence, and IoT. But what does this transformation have to do with customer experience?

In this digitally-savvy age, companies either stay ahead of the curve or fall behind. For the new generations often called “the experience generations” technology has changed the way they think. They expect unforgettable, immersive experiences over ordinary events or promotions. 

Digital transformation and customer experience

 The rise of digital technology has dramatically changed the way companies create value for their customers and drive revenue growth. Many are using technology to create new ways to deliver customer outcomes. One of the main reasons why the digital transformation is becoming more important is precisely the fact that digital and multichannel experiences are consolidating as a requirement for increasingly connected, informed and empowered consumers. Improving customer experience is among the main elements of digital transformation, thus creating value for consumers and generate results for the business.

Reshaping customer experience

24/7 service conversational bots

Advance features such as live chat help businesses to increase and improve interactions with customers. Business is all about building and keeping good relationships with customers and the capability to communicate immediately has a big role in this. For instance, many companies have advance services, like 24/7 customer support and live chat tools. Companies using these kinds of techniques are offering a superior level of service to their customers.


Intelligent Analytics via machine learning – Understanding your customer

It isn’t enough listening to your customers to know what you need to do to keep them happy, you also have to look at your data. As IoT connectivity progresses, so does the volume of data points and the amount of data collected. Nevertheless, this alone does not lead to improvements. Only automated data processing, with the help of machine learning, creates the prerequisites for the development of the customer experience. Using intelligent analyses based on self-learning algorithms, companies will be able to gain valuable insights into the behavior of their customers. Analyzing the data gathered can help you to understand what is making your customers happy or what is causing them to be unsatisfied. 


Optimizing the touchpoints – deep customer insights via IoT

Nowadays, customers want to interact with companies at any time and anywhere. Mobile devices play a crucial role.  With the constantly increasing number of smartphone users and new communications standards, such as 5G, the universal connectivity in all areas of daily life is closer. Thanks to many new data points, companies are gaining completely new insights into the usage behavior and lifestyle of their customers at a level of detail that would have been unimaginable before. This allows the improvement of effective customer experience strategies that adapt to the actual behavior of customers.  


The mobile era – mobile apps transforming customer interactions

Mobile is transforming business models and marketplaces at a surprising rate. By the year 2022, mobile app market revenue is expected to reach $808 billion. 

 But, for many smartphone users, the urge to check their smartphone arises from the experience it offers, rather than the technology that powers it. In the first half of the 2010s, there was a shift from desktop websites to mobile apps, making the entire interface more personalized and precise. 

The digital technology has transformed consumer habits and expectations, resulting in a new type of buyer who is continually connected, app-native and aware of what she/he can do with technology. Mobile apps have given businesses the power of real-time communication. From responding to regular inquiries to offering real-time emergency support, mobile apps enable businesses to interact with a customer instantly and offer them a more personalized experience. 

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