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NiceMobil Awarded Best Mobile Data Value

Low Cost. High Value.  How Norway's innovative all-digital telco delivers high quality and customer satisfaction, as well as the lowest costs for budget-minded Telco customers.

Congratulations to our customer NiceMobil (ice Norway) on coming out on top in Aftenposten's review and report on the Best Mobile Data Value for Norwegian Operators.

In Aftenposten's price comparison article, Norwegian mobile operators were compared across different price ranges.

Aftenposten stated, "Many things have become more expensive in the past year, but the prices for mobile data plans are falling...IF you choose the right subscription. 

Here is where you get the most mobile data for the money" with NiceMobil's 12 GB Plan for 200 kr receiving the #1 spot.

Moflix CEO, Ryan Gold said, "With their award-winning (Best Consumer eSIM Solution of the Year) and robust competitive offer, we are proud to see NiceMobil prove how an operator can lead with the best digital innovation and excellent customer experiences while also being the best value for the price!"