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Moflix and The Hashgraph Association Accelerate Web3 Adoption with Launch of fliggs mobile

Moflix is pleased to announce the debut of fliggs mobile, a next-generation wireless carrier that converges Telco and Web3 technologies to accelerate mass Web3 adoption. This groundbreaking service for customers in the United States will make its debut at Consensus 2024 -the world's largest gathering of cryptocurrency, blockchain and Web3 communities- where Moflix is a semi-finalist in the CoinDesk Pitchfest.

fliggs mobile leverages the award-winning TelcoTech platform from Moflix, that brings together the leading innovations of the modern DigitalTelcoexperience with a powerful web-scale Techplatform to offer similar disruptive opportunities that FinTech brings to financial services.  fliggs also features Hedera’s cutting-edge Web3 capabilities and distributed ledger technology (DLT), known for being the fastest, most sustainable, and cost-effective enterprise-grade open network available.

As the world’s first wireless carrier to provide users with a Decentralized Identity (DID), fliggs mobile enables universal access to Web3 and FinTech services, allowing customers to have greater control over their personal data and enhance privacy in digital transactions. Additionally, the integrated digital wallet facilitates cryptocurrency payments, cashback loyalty programs, and charitable donations.

fliggs also offers a new way to enhance customer engagement through Web3 with flexible mobile plans that reward users with a monthly Bitcoin cashback. Customers receive crypto rewards every month as a thank-you for their loyalty which are added directly to their wallet. 


Stefan Riedel, CEO of fliggs mobile, underscores the significance of this collaboration, stating, “With fliggs providing a simple and secure gateway to Web3, we are determined to drive digital inclusion by making leading technologies affordable and accessible to all. Thanks to the support of Moflix and The Hashgraph Association, we are able to execute our vision: enabling Web3 for everyone."

As a special launch offer, fliggs mobile is offering
DEGEN Status for the first 2,222 subscribers with 

  • 50% Discount on your first subscription, for life.
  • Exclusive Collectible: Receive an exclusive collectible in your Web3 wallet.

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"Moflix and The Hashgraph Association Propel Web3 Adoption with fliggs mobile Launch"

Watch video interview below with Genfinity, fliggs, Hedera, & Moflix that explains more.


About Moflix Group

Moflix melds decentralized technologies with Connectivity, Digital Identification, and Financial Inclusion offerings to accelerate mainstream mass Web3 adoption.
Moflix TelcoTech Platform can be customised to launch a Greenfield All Digital Proposition in under 100 days to drive rapid growth in a lean operating model – with no disruption to a Telco Operator’s IT roadmap - and built out iteratively into a modern Super App environment for both Web2 and Web3 experiences.

About fliggs mobile

fliggs mobile is leading the all-digital MVNO revolution, employing Web3 technology to transform the telecom industry. As the first Web3 wireless carrier, fliggs mobile merges mobile plans, token rewards, decentralized IDs, and Web3 loyalty in one app. Offering all-digital mobile plans built on the leading 5G network in the US, fliggs mobile prioritizes data privacy with a non-custodial wallet and decentralized ID. Their innovative wallet recovery mechanism alleviates users' fears of being the sole custodians of their assets.

About Hedera

Hedera is the open source, leaderless proof-of-stake network powering the next generation of Web3. Hedera’s robust ecosystem is built by a global community, on a network governed by a diverse council of industry-leading organizations, including abrdn, Avery Dennison, Boeing, Chainlink Labs, COFRA Holding, DBS Bank, Dell, Dentons, Deutsche Telekom, DLA Piper, EDF (Électricité de France), eftpos, Google, Hitachi, IBM, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), LG Electronics, The London School of Economics (LSE), Magalu, Mondelēz International, Nomura Holdings, ServiceNow, Shinhan Bank, Standard Bank Group, Swirlds, Tata Communications, Ubisoft, University College London (UCL), Wipro, WorldPay, and Zain Group.

About The Hashgraph Association

The Hashgraph Association is at the forefront of the digital enablement and empowerment of organizations through the broad adoption of Hedera-powered enterprise-grade solutions and decentralized applications, including funding training, innovation, and venture building programs globally. As a non-profit organization headquartered in Switzerland, The Hashgraph Association supports and funds innovation, research, and development that enables economic inclusion and a digital future for all, with a positive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact.


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fliggs mobile
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