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UI/UX in telco apps

Today, the telecom industry is experiencing fierce competition. Telco companies are compelled to show their value in the face of free OTT cloud-based solutions like WhatsApp and Netflix.

The inevitable digitalization offers a new opportunity to operators to innovate and re-invent by means of exploration and development. Digital transformation is about providing services via interfaces that customers expect. This is where UX becomes essential. And even though the core structure of the telecom industry has been shaken, there is a lot that can be benefitted from digitalization. Telcos could take a UX-ified approach that could give them a significant advantage over their competitors.

1. User-centric approach

One of the keys to success for telcos is to put the customers first. Understanding their journey, needs and expectations from the beginning to the end and covering all touch-points in the right way can present required insights to boost performance, and therefore revenues. Companies that focus on customer journeys that are essential to user segments among their consumer base can claim better customer loyalty and profits by mapping the customer experience across various channels and devices and eliminating their biggest pain points. Telcos which understand the needs and expectations of customers who love the simplicity and peace of mind of mobile apps like WhatsApp, Netflix or Revolut, will be able to get new customers and to take market share from competitors.

2. Simplicity 

Instead of adding up multiple elements to attract telecom subscribers, it is better to streamline the service and application infrastructure. The same approach works to smooth out the internal operations as well. 

An ideal UX applicability to streamline internal operations in the telecom sector would be aimed at the removal of redundant platforms and processes. At the consumer touch-points, it can be reflected by digital and intuitive solutions with automated service-ticket management, simplified billing, and reduced service errors, that allow customers to onboard and to manage their subscriptions effortlessly.

3. Added value integration 

A core belief of the UI/UX approach is not only to produce products that work impeccably but also to add value to the existing services. As the customer journey completely moves towards digital touch-points, it is indispensable for all telecom operators to strengthen existing digital assets such as a website and dedicated mobile apps.

One of the earliest industry sectors to have witnessed a serious effect of digitization is banking and financial services. While the brick-and-mortar structures are still relevant, the user base on all levels, from personal to commercial banking, has completely moved towards digital processes. Digitization has benefitted the banking industry in two ways: by reducing the cost invested in internal operations and by enhancing frontline services, such as in-app customer support and account management.


An improved customer onboarding

Mobile applications usually require high usability and user experience and developer need to perform usability testing to check the usefulness of their application. Continuously improving the usability and user experience of mobile applications are key to attract new, digital-afin customers and to gain market share. This is where UX becomes essential. 

Moflix is continuously improving its fully digital customer onboarding based on customer and user feedback. Our main focus is to deliver a complete and customizable white-label solution that helps operators to reduce costs and simplify processes while putting their customers at the center.  

Here are some improvements regarding the UI/UX design of the Moflix Onboarding Platform that have been implemented based on customer feedback:

  • Most important information is visible without clicking. All information regarding the product (phone number) is shown on cards in the carousel.



  • Improvement of customer onboarding and ordering flow: users can evaluate & choose the offering before giving out private data (address, verification check, or payment details).

  • Fallback for better orientation. When leaving the app within the onboarding or ordering process users will get an overview of the steps completed when reopening the app. 

  • Finding answers and support made easier: Users can find a variety of answers without the overwhelm of endless scrolling. The most commonly asked questions are shown on the top, the overview of all FAQ topics on the bottom.

  • Seamless switching from web portal to mobile app. Now, the Moflix Onboarding Platform allows users to start their journey from a web portal and continue it via the mobile app (e.g. for authentication with QR code).





Note: All the illustrations are based on the work of Patricia Capaul, Product Designer.


Our fully digital cloud-based solution offers a seamless customer onboarding experience and the simplification of core business processes such as billing, subscription management and customer support via app. Moflix develops and launches customizable white-label digital solutions for telcos at low risk, at low cost and within only 100 days - without the need of an expensive and complex IT transformation. Are you ready?


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