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swype by Sunrise UPC: 100% Digital Thanks to eSIM

Moflix x swipe

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the eSIM for swype (part of Sunrise UPC). This solution will offer secure and highly scalable support to manage growth in mobile subscriptions for eSIM-capable devices. Moreover, eSIM offers new opportunities to increase the digitization of society and provide new and improved consumer journeys and services.

"This historical launch has taken us forward in our mission to revolutionize the way operators do business," Says Ryan Gold, CEO at Moflix. "Moflix exists to connect our customers to what matters most: empowering their customers by offering an excellent customer experience"

eSIM is the next digital evolution forward for Swype (formerly "yallo swype") that McKinsey & Company recently sited as example of successful "Digital Attacker" brand in their report "A Battle Plan for Telcos' Digital Attacker Brands."

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