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Introducing New Strategic Partnership with AWS, Moflix, & Totogi

NEWS:  Introducing a new strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS)Moflix Group, and Totogi

Panellists Left to Right: Moderator Mea Thompson (, Robin Major (Moflix Group), Sudhanshu Sinha (Totogi), and Viswanadha (Visu) Sontam (Amazon Web Services (AWS))

Viswanadha (Visu) Sontam, AWS Global Telecom SA Leader, said, "It's great to have a strategic partnership between AWS, Moflix, and Totogi that leverages the power of cloud-native solutions to enable CSPs to easily set up and run their telco operations with BSS and monetization capabilities using a SaaS platform." 
"Moflix offers a modern digital all-inclusive telco-in-an-app with Totogi offering real-time charging and the ability for operators to do network intelligence. It’s a perfect combination to provide a comprehensive and agile operator stack for digital brands and MVNOs so they can innovate faster and leverage AWS capabilities to be ahead of the curve.
"Together we came up with the ANTO concept - AWS Native Telecom Operator. This could potentially help operators focus more on differentiating their business, rather than worrying about the underlying infrastructure and technology stack. The ability to launch an entire stack using infrastructure as code can help reduce operating expenses and increase agility. 
"Overall, the partnerships with Moflix and Totogi can be a valuable enabler for telecom operators looking to modernize their business capabilities and stay competitive in a rapidly changing industry.”


Antonello Arpino, AWS Head of Operations Simplified said, "When you think about launching a new mobile brand or even a small scale operations, one of the biggest hurdles is that from that thought to going in operations there is a journey that can easily last 1 year or more. We are working with our partners to eliminate that complexity and unlock innovation with a few clicks.

"Thank you
Moflix Group and Totogi for showcasing (ANTO - AWS Native Telco Operator) with us at MWC 2023."
For more information about AWS Native Telco Operator (ANTO) visit the website