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The All Digital Club

The All Digital Club is an exclusive but growing list of telecommunications operators around the world who have pioneered the future of Telco offerings by creating an All Digital Telco-in-an-App experience.

All Digital Club

The members of this growing group of innovators have all taken the first-mover advantage of disrupting their markets with a reimagined telco experience based on 10 common characteristics:

1.  Every aspect of the customer lifecycle is managed in the app 

2.  Digital onboarding and service activation in the app 

3.  Identity validation and KYC carried out in the app 

4.  Subscription and Account Management in the app, with user control of all key actions 

5.  User support via the app with chat as the primary interface

6.  Simple subscription pricing models based on a simplified product catalogue with no hidden costs 

7.  Support for modern payment methods (e.g. credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and local digital payment providers) 

8.  Very little to zero dependency on legacy retail stores or contact centres 

9.  No prepaid vouchers. No postpaid bills. No revenue risk. No surprises. 

10.  Always-on organic engagement and monetization opportunities through the app


The Digital Pioneers

  All Digital Country Host eSIM 5G
Swype_App150 Swype Switzerland Sunrise UPC
NiceMobile1_app150 NiceMobil Norway Ice Norway
FreenetFunk_App150 Freenet Funk Germany Telefónica O2
giga_App150 Giga Singapore Starhub  
Oodi_App150 Oodi Iraq Zain
orangeFlex_App_150 Orange Flex Poland Orange Poland
up3_App_150 up³ Austria Drei Österreich
visible_App150 Visible USA Verizon
YoXo_App_150 YOXO Romania Orange Romania  
Yoodo_App150 Yoodo Malaysia Celcom

* The All Digital Club is an inclusive, curated list of companies that meet the 10-point criteria above and is open to all in the telecommunications industry, not just Moflix customers.

The Future is All Digital

Here at Moflix we specialise in helping operators go all in on All Digital, and our customers Swype and NiceMobil are already recognised success stories.

We help Telco business leaders succeed in disrupting their markets without disrupting existing IT operations. You don’t have to build an expensive team, or wait over a year to go live - in fact,
we will launch your All Digital proposition within 100 days so you can see the business impact on your KPIs in the next quarter.

If you think now is the right time for you to join the All Digital Club, click here to request more information or a meeting.

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