Be Digital in 100 Days

Moflix's TelcoTech proposition lets Operators and MVNOs launch a new cloud-native All Digital Telco-in-an-App in record time.

We provide a full end-to-end digital solution to drive rapid growth in a lean operating model that can be integrated easily into your existing operation within 100 days. And with no disruption to existing IT roadmaps - so you can see the impact on your KPIs by the next quarter. 


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A Complete, Fully Digital Telco Solution

The Moflix Digital Platform delivers on the promise for Telco Operators to "Be Digital in 100 Days" with a modern greenfield cloud-native Telco in an App.

As a cloud-based proposition with fast and easy eSIM onboarding, we provide a truly paperless, streamlined solution that can reduce IT and operational costs without the need for a massive transformation project.

Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Moflix enables the orchestration of services such as:

  • Customer Onboarding and Self-Service
  • Strong Customer Identification 
  • Customer Support 
  • Subscription Billing 

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Key Benefits

100% Digital

Processes are fully automated and 100% digital. Cumbersome manual workflows have been removed unless they can be done by the customer using self-service.

Cost Savings & Automation

With the automation of manual processes such as billing and customer support, operators can reduce IT and operational costs.

Future-Ready: Path to Web3 Opportunities

Disrupt your markets by leveraging your position as a trusted connectivity provider to take advantage of broader TelcoTech opportunities, including Web3 and the Metaverse.

Existing Process Utilization & Fast Deployment

The Moflix Digital Platform is a ready-made solution that can be implemented and integrated into existing architectures in record time.

Simplicity and Customer Satisfaction

Better serve your customers and exceed their expectations for digital services, with everything at their fingertips through the app.

Our Customers

See how our customers are disrupting the market with innovative digital solutions. 

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"It is great to have a business partner that really understands our needs for digital services. Thanks to Moflix, we have been able to launch a next generation mobile product on the Swiss market with the true focus on digitalization. Moreover, the close collaboration and continuous support help us to grow the business together."

Mark Klünnen
Director Strategy & Proposition at Sunrise Communications

"We needed a secure digital on-boarding solution for our token-holders so that they could swap their MOD tokens for either cash or participation certificates. Moflix provided us with a flawless digital onboarding solution that makes it very easy for the token-holders to complete the self-onboarding in under three minutes."

Sacha Uhlmann
Chief Product Officer at Modum

""We were looking for a partner who shares our core values to power our all-digital brand. In Moflix we found exactly what we were looking for, that's why we trusted them with the development of the NiceMobil app”"

Shiraz Abid
Chief Commercial Officer at ICE Group ASA

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At Moflix we understand the urgency to launch fully digital services, as well as the implications and risks of a digital transformation. We help operators to transform their operations without the need for a massive transformation project.

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